Blogger Smackdown

OK, that might be false advertising, there will not actually be a smackdown.  However, Miss Lindsay has done a fabulous montage of all of the mood boards contributed to the George Herman House project and now there is a wee contest on to vote for your favourite.  The winner gets to be called the winner, and isn't that the best prize of all?  I just loved seeing how 13 different people imagine the perfect garden, they were each so different and amazing.  I would happily spend my days in each and every one!  Head on over and check them out and leave comment with your pick.  And anything you feel you could donate is of course most appreciated - we have decided to accept anything up to April 1 and then assess what we have the means to accomplish, so if you are thinking of helping out, you now have a specific date to aim for! 

Click here to donate!

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