My new bag

Like my new bag?  I MADE IT!  I know - I am a little shocked myself.  I have had my sewing machine set up for weeks and have avoided making any eye contact with it.  Sewing is one of those things I know I should do, and know how to do, but I figured there would be a lot of work involved in re-learning, so I put it off.  Well the other night I saw this tutorial to make a reversible bag, and thought I would take it on.  (Wine may have been involved.)

Oh yeah - did you catch that? - it reversible!
I am ridiculously proud of myself.  Only at the end did I discover that I had the machine threaded wrong, which would explain the 50 times the thread broke or came out of the needle.  But sometimes being a stubborn Taurus comes in handy.  :)  Anyway, it is a great bag, and a great tutorial, and as long as you aren't sewing challenged like moi it would be a fast and easy project!  It is here, and can also be found on this great list of Mothers Day project ideas.


  1. you are such a closet crafty!! I'm super impressed!

  2. Fantastic - and good for you! You should open shop on Etsy. The next ones would go very quickly now that you have your machine threading figured out. I might even make myself one for summer.

  3. You should be proud! You did a great job. And btw when is your birthday? You mentioned being a Taurus.

  4. 19th! Are you a Taurus too?

    Thanks on the bag Deanna - it was a learning experience for sure - my next one will be even better!



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