Eva Juliet

I have had these Montrealer Eva Juliet's lovely shop bookmarked for a while, and when I saw her on Design*Sponge today I thought I should take another look.  I have never really had specific "kitchen art," nor have I ever really had space in a kitchen FOR art, but these lovely drawings would be my pick if I ever did.  I love her simple renderings of herbs and spices, as well as her kitchen collections (which remind me of Lisa Congdon). Maybe someday?


  1. I like all of those pen and ink drawings from the dill to the sissors. I got here by way of the etsy storque! Blog love from your newest follower
    come visit me

  2. I really like the spoons. The black line drawing would go very nicely in my white kitchen, don't you think?

  3. I really do Kenj - I was thinking of you!


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