Will's Friends

William has a menagerie of buddies in his crib.  The first was this guy above, a "lovey" that I named Francine.  At one point Will said "Abby" for elephant, and henceforth this guy, and all his other loveies, became Abby - Elephant Abby, Giraffe Abby, and so on.  He carries them everywhere, and heaven forbid he try to have a nap without one!
Photos by Tara McMullen

He also has a bunch of bla bla dolls, and one stuffed Monkey that have naps with him.  Or rather, listen to his stories and sing songs with him.  So I decided to take portraits of them and frame them for his room.
The frames were on sale 2 for 2$ at Ikea.  Then I got some of that 3M velcro stuff and hung them up.
Not really an exact science - I eyeballed it.  I am lazy, yes.

Then just push them in place!
Kitty Cat approved.
I don't know if Will will be happy, or upset that he can't play with the frames photos any more...


  1. I love this idea. They look great!

  2. Thanks Brooke! Will approved. :)

  3. Adorable and very creative!
    What is this velcro tape you speak of?

  4. HI Marjorie, here is a link to the product I used: http://www.office-supplies.us.com/reclosable_square_fastener_hook_amp_loop_velcro_tapes_11965647_prd1.htm I got them at Walmart and then cut them in half, since the frames were small and light and I needed more than were in the package!

  5. Thanks!
    I want one (or 5!) of those bla bla dolls for my son. At $40 each though, it might be a while before I splurge. Super cute though.


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