The Dreamiest Dream House

OH yeah - THIS is where I want to live.  This gorgeous house is actually a houseboat, on the Thames River in London. What an idilic life!  The setting is unreal, and the decor of the house is right up my alley too (hello colour-coded bookshelf!).  The full story is here, complete with links to help you find some of the art and furnishings, but I saw it on Elements of Style.


  1. I saw this on another blog and totally flipped for it! I just couldn't divine.

  2. Very nice, I will admit. But, if you ever mention this to Dan I'll stop talking to you!!! I'm only kind of joking - for years, Dan has been trying to convince me to live on a houseboat in Vancouver. He really lobbied hard for this lifestyle when he was just graduating university and looking for work in a couple of companies in Van. He still brings it up from time to time. I like the idea of a vacation on a houseboat, but I couldn't live on one.

  3. I don't know, I think I could hack it! Although she did mention in the article that they have to keep the screens closed most of the summer because of the bugs... but really - that isn't so different than camping?


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