The grass is greener...

How cool is this charging station?  I think a charging station would be great as I am famous for finding my camera/cellphone/ipod is dead only when I go to use it.  I would love to have a place when I get in that would remind me to take said device out of my purse and plug it in.  This one is great  as it would add a nice bit of colour and freshness to the entryway!  And it isn't too expensive, only problem is that it is out of stock.  Boo.

It also reminds me of this drying rack, which is also pretty cool and affordable!
I seem to have grass/green/spring on the brain lately...


  1. Both of these are fun and refreshing. Too bad we're done with bottles or I think I'd be buying one of the drying racks. The grass on the charging station looks so real!

  2. I love the charging station! I have been looking at the Pottery Barn type for a long time, but this is so much more exciting! What a conversation piece.

  3. I agree BLT! I figure if you are going to have one - might as well make it one that people notice!


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