Subtle vinyl

I was always on the fence a bit about the whole wall decal business.  Some of them I really liked, and I looked at quite a few on etsy and other sites, but when it came down to getting one, I just never did.  Part of it, perhaps, is that we have so many things to hang, and not enough wall space, so the thought of having a wall decal up instead of actual art just never made sense.  But they also got kind of predictable and ubiquitous, and in the end I think I am glad I didn't get one.

However, I just came across these wall decals from Tasty Suite (on Bloesem) and I think I could live with them - especially this first one.  They are more subtle and fun, less of a statement, which is I think more appropriate for wall decals!  Here are a few of my favs:
OK, so this one isn't subtle, but I do kind of like it.  You could stick it (get it?) in a corner somewhere...

Fun for the kiddies rooms!


  1. I have that exact "Get naked." decal! I plan to put it up in our bathroom after it's redone. :-)

  2. That is def on my list - it is perfect for the bathroom!

  3. There was one I was going to get for Alex's room - something that said "'Go play outside' - your mother" (not the exact wording, but something to that effect). I never did get it because, like you, I felt torn about the whole idea of a decal on the wall.


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