Modern Macrame

Macrame.  What does that word do for you?  I know for many it makes them shudder, imagining tasselled plant hangers of scratchy hemp and wooden beads.  Which of course leads to thought of centre parts, polyester high-waisted bellbottoms, lots of big daisy and sunflower patterns... and on down that hazy road... (depending on which movie you watch of course).  But really, it just means making a fabric by knotting it rather than knitting or weaving, and according to wikipedia, has been used by sailors for centuries (those fashionable lads).  And now that I have seen this jewelry made by etsy seller Amira Mednic, I have visions instead of big sunglasses, white t-shirts, and brightly-coloured skinny capris with flats; or sundresses and denim shirts and gladiator sandals.  OK... maybe not so different from the former vision, but fashion is cyclical, right?  And this is the perfect jewelry for summer.


  1. as one who remembers making a plant hanger or's really neat to see these and how someone took the craft and make it into art.


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