online temptations

Thanks to the blog Modish, I have been exposed to ridiculous online temptation.  Really it is a good thing I am preggo (although shoes and earrings still fit - right??).  This store Rouche is like Anthropology only affordable!  I guess I should have checked if they even ship to Canada before I got all excited, but check out some of their beautiful offerings:
Beautiful scarf - $22.99
Fabulous Shoes - $36.99

Funky Earrings $10.99

Beautiful dress $36.99

Chiffon tank $36.99

So much more gorgeousness on their website...

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  1. Okay - I checked this one out too and shipping to Canada is soooooo reasonable ($7.00 is the most expensive shipping rate). Perhaps we should get together and place an order....
    P.S. Chris doesn't read this, does he?


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