Gap logo

Full Disclosure: I love the Gap.  I worked there for a while, met great people there, and love their skinny jeans and basic aesthetic.  I am SO excited that now I can finally shop their brands online in Canada.  But I am truly confused by their introduction of a new logo:
WHY why why???  That blue box has to be one of the most recignizable brand logos out there!  It's like Nike changing from a swoop to a swirl.  I know Gap Corp hasn't been doing fantastically lately, but you would think that the LAST think they would want to do is stray from their tried-and-true logo.  Bizzarre.

Found here via @blackeiffel


  1. Amen girl! Preach it! What the heck were they thinking? I'm pretty sure no one is longing for the days of "New Coke!" Marketers should learn from the mistakes of others. Plus, that new logo stinks more than a pile of cow poop! Just sayin'. xo


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!