Kijiji deals

I was taking some baby stuff off of Kijiji and of course could not resist the pull of a quick mosey through the aisles.  Here is some awesome stuff I thought could be nabbed at pretty great prices!  Do you agree or am I wasting my imaginary money?  (Husbands of mine need not reply...)
Cool Chrome Bistro table - $75.  Would look great in a corner piled with potted plants. 

Gorgeous mid-century chrome stacked ball lamp - $85.  Hello bedside table lamp! I love this puppy.

 Beautiful mid-century neutral-coloured chair.  $500.  Seem steep?  
That price will also get you the matching sofa below!  Unfortunate red pillows and side lighting (highlighting every pucker), but amazing deal.

 Slate-topped Iron Table from India - $75.  Amazing one-of-a-kind coffee table with an industrial feel.

 Funky orange and white 50's diner-style table - $445.
Could be the perfect mod conversation piece, while not being too in-your-face.

Brass Mid-century lamp - $40.  Ok, it's kind of kooky, but I reeeeally love it.  Definitely unique.  And $40?  Common.  I may just have to send an email....

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  1. ok, here are my votes: stacked ball lamp - classic, orange kitchen table w/ chairs - ur right on the conversation piece and trust me, kids can't destroy it no matter how hard they try! brass lamp - it looks like little acorns and brass is coming back baby! Go for it!


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