Hello??? Spring??

spring has sprung!
I know the end of February is early yet for Spring, but today felt like such a TEASE.  It was rainy and warm (ish) when we left this morning and I pulled out my happy yellow wellies to wear to work.  (I noticed when I ventured out for coffee that I was not alone - and there are a lot of fun rain boots on the market these days!)  I just about went flying more than once on my way home, however, as everything froze and the temperature dropped once more.  Highs of -9 tomorrow.  I am DONE with winter!!  So I went on Flickr to drown my sorrows in a sea of happy spring images.
Spring just makes my heart happy
Spring Has Come '09
And there it is....
more tulips
Spring Flowers
Click for the sources and photographers.  Can you guess which are mine?

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  1. Meanwhile, we are mourning the upcoming end to winter and skiing!


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