5 Gardenias

As you may know, I love Etsy.  As you may also know, I also love shopping.  So I think I should get some serious kuddos for not shopping on Etsy more often, don't you think?  When I do break down, I am never disappointed.  Last month I could not resist these vintage cups with the silver band from Etsy shop 5 Gardenias.  They were very reasonable priced and when they arrived I was blown away by their beautiful packaging and hand-written thank you note.  It is the next best thing to getting a gift from a friend!
We tested them out the other night with some limonata, and they were in perfect working order. :)

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  1. They're beautiful, but I can't get a sense of how big they are. At first I thought that they were tiny - just big enough for a couple of pansies, perhaps. However, they must be bigger if you're using them as drinking cups.


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