Kendra - first go!

Kendra and I are going to have some fun putting together a bedroom for her and Dan.  The only thing she has told me so far is that she likes the dark Hemnes bedroom set from Ikea.  While surfing some blogs today I was introduced to Polyvore, and started having some fun from there.  This site could be VERY addictive - and heaven knows I have enough internet addictions!

What do you think?  (Try to ignore the blue colour on the bed, I couldn't get rid of it.)  Obviously I started with all the colours I like in my rooms!


  1. Ooooh, I'm so excited. I hope this will make sense when I read it in the morning! We've just been out for a night on the town. There's a lot here I love. It's funny that you picked out the IKEA wrought iron style bed. I had picked it too, but got the veto on it from Dan - not wrought iron, just that bed. So, I feel like I have to give something. If I have to keep my current headboard (hand made from re-claimed materials from an old 1890s farmhouse), I cool with that - although with a stain to match the dark furniture. I'm diggin' the pale bluey-grey for the walls. I am terrible at picking paint colours, so I look to you on this one. Did I mention that I wanted to do a B&W photo thing on the wall, or are you just psychic? Hadn't thought about using red as an accent, but I think I like it. Can't wait til we can actually shop!

  2. I love it, too. Can't wait to help put the furniture together (I'm great with an allen key!). I really like that rug.


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