Nestled In

One of the nice things about browsing all the photos on Flickr is seeing into other people's houses - kind of a virtual version of driving around at night looking into other people's windows to see how they decorate (not that I would ever do that...).  I am in love with Katja and Minna's house in Finland - the colour, furniture and light, and the beautiful things!  And Katja takes such lovely photos of it all, it looks like a soothing and relaxing place to be.  It seems that every time I click on a picture thinking "ooooh so pretty!" it is one of hers.  Take a look for yourself! Katja's flickr page is here, and her lovely blog is here.


  1. I love Katja and Minna's serene the shot of the living room with the sunlight filtering in!

  2. Isn't is gorgeous? Thanks for coming by guys! :)


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