Well... CRAP.

I am just having the worst day.  I had no idea that when you uploaded photos to Flickr from iPhoto, that they stayed synchronized.  So when I deleted my Flickr folders from iPhoto (in the interest of 'cleaning up' files), it deleted all of them from Flickr.  As in everything I uploaded since I got this computer last summer. WAHHHHH....  I am sure all of you out there are smarter than I, but in just in case - don't do what I did!

Now I know how these guys felt... ( Is it wrong to love the photos of your kids crying?)


  1. Still getting to know our new Mac--I didn't know that, either.

    Related: I LOVE photos of kids crying. Have some video of ours, to Jeff's chagrin. Tulia's crying used to be much quieter--ah, the baby days.

    Your little wailers are adorable in their misery.

  2. Absolutely NOT wrong for that. Some of my favorites...oh, that sounds bad, now doesn't it? Oh well.

  3. Oh thanks you guys. I just finished re-uploading 285 photos to Flickr.... Now I will try to remember which groups I had them in and make new sets. Ahhh well, there are worse disasters! :) You guys are awesome.

  4. I love the photos I have of our kids crying. I think that seeing the 'cuteness' in the scrunched up anguished faces is part of what moms do. It's that unconditional love thing!


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