Jen Jewels

Oh goodness I just ADORE the jewelry from jen jewelry!  I couldn't stop picking more and more images to show because I want them ALL.  They are so delicate and intricate, but not fussy at all.  They beg to be worn with a white shirt and jeans, or a simple sun dress.  They are kind of like sunbursts, with their layers of circles.  And the layered necklaces???  Seriously.  Must get off the internet before I blow my March, April, and May budgets buying everything in her shop.  Good thing knitting is cheap.
PS - they are giving some away over at the Bright Side Project.  If you win I will try not to 

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  1. They're all so pretty. I tried to pick a favourite, but as I scrolled down through the pictures, I kept changing my mind. I couldn't pick.


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