What a beautiful family you have!

I love family history, and have spent way too many hours on Mackay clan websites and setting up a site for the Steele Family.  (Yes, seriously.) So you can imagine how excited I was to see my love of genealogy and my love of design IN ONE PLACE?  My Tree and Me has created these fantastic family trees which look so modern and chic.  They would such a great gift, for a new babe obviously, but what about a wedding, anniversary, baptism, etc?

Um, also, how much do you love that photo of the baby above?  Hilarious.
They kind of inspire me to try to design something cool myself...but considering how long that alphabet took me (in WORD!) I may leave this one to the professionals.  Or not.


  1. Oooh, I do love these - a lot. I'm off to check them out right now.

  2. WOW, Such Of Things to adore!Love the Color pops through out!Cute Picture of a baby!Nice Blog.


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