I just have to post this AMAZING video because 1) it is AMAZING and 2) it makes me think of my work spouse Natasha because we were introduced to OK Go in northern Georgia somewhere random when we  took a million dollar cab ride out of Atlanta while we were there on conference to see Snow Patrol and these guys opened.  Seriously.  I heart you Boodie.


  1. Crazy! I love the tribute to Plinko (The Price is Right) and the Lego car. Actually, there were a lot of kids' toys that were impressive. I'm just glad I'm not the mom that has to clean up that mess!

  2. Aww, I heart you too and miss you. We need to skype again soon. Remember when we thought we were never going to get a cab back to our hotel and would be stuck in suburban Atlanta forever? Remember all the preppy white teens at that concert? xoxoxo


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