Needle Felting is fun!

Laura and I went to a needle felting class on Thursday at the Knit Cafe on Queen.  It was so much fun!  The instructor Edie Kim was super easy-going and after a brief introduction left us to do our own thing.  After poking at my orange fluff for a bit with the needle, I decided it kind of looked like a mushroom and so decided to make a couple of toadstools.  I really like how they turned out - and they even stand up!
They have been seriously man-handled kid-handled since arriving home and have held up pretty well.  I also made this stone-like thing, figuring it might make a nice brooch or button or something.  Edie showed me how to wet felt it a bit too, which gave it its nice shape, but seems to have made the wool pill a bit.  Maybe I will attack it with my sweater shaver...
It was so nice to have a night out, and spend it crafting!  Thanks to Laura for being a game partner.  Anyone else interested in a follow-up craft night?


  1. Your mushrooms are super cute! I've recently been getting into needle and wet felting too. I love the sculptural nature of it, and that I can finish things quicker than with knitting.

  2. Thea - that is EXACTLY why I like it. Instant gratification!

  3. Are you going to start in on a Smurf village? Sorry, I can't think of mushrooms without thinking of the Smurfs. And now for the rest of the day I'll be singing the Smurf song. You should show Will a clip on YouTube - I bet he'll be even more thrilled with your creations!


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!