Perfect Kids Room

I have had this shared bedroom in my bookmarks for a while - I just love looking at it!  I love:
1) the two-toned walls
2) the huge bright red letters
3) the gorgeous quilts
4) the garland
5) the colour scheme
6) the simplicity and calm of the room

Don't worry, I am under no illusion that a Will/Cam room could ever be this clutter-free, but the colour scheme alone is worth keeping in mind!  And those LETTERS... love them.
Awesome.  Check out the whole blog, it will inspire you I am sure!!  Cluck cluck Sew.

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  1. I love this blog - and the many quilting blogs that I've visited from Cluck Cluck Sew. There are so many beautiful quilts. It's inspiring me to finish my Batik quilt and then even start a new one. I must be crazy!


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