Growth Chart

I was looking for quite a while for a growth chart for the boys.  Although there are lots of cool decals out there, I really wanted one that was removable and moveable, in case we moved or, you know, I redecorated...  In the end I was going to just paint a plank of wood white and stencil on the numbers like a ruler.  What I didn't realize I actually wanted was this ruler from Yanko Design, with its awesome fonts and graphics.  So it is a darn good thing Diana made that gorgeous chart from her boys old chart (which I love even more than this), so I didn't have to do all that work and then see these and feel sad...
I found this via Seesaw Designs blog.

Here is my awesome chart that my mother-in-law made for both boys:
The giraffe, C and W are cut from Chris and Dave's old chart and Diana stitched a tape measure on the front.  The second photo is Chris and Dave's original measurements sewn on to the back, which I love to look at!  It is so neat to see how compared to each other knowing how tall they are now, and how they compare to our boys.  Thank you so much Diana!

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  1. I'm going fabric shopping soon so I can make one for my boys. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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