Really Big Angry Birds

My friend David sent me this nifty video of what I think is a masterful promotional stunt.  Somewhere near Barcelona, T-Mobile set up this larger-than-life version of the ubiquitous (and addictive) Angry Birds game.  At the event, you could walk up to a booth and pick up a smart phone from the selection provided to play the game. Your moves would be played our in front of your eyes on a massive scale, complete with exploding pigs.  How satisfying would THAT be?

My only knowledge of T-Mobile are Catherine Zeta Jones (wasn't she a spokesperson?  When I hear "T-Mobile" in my head, it is her voice saying it!) and the Tour de France when Jan Ullrich was always-a-bridesmaid to Lance's domination (Jan's team was sponsored by T-Mobile).  In case you care, wikipedia helped me learn that this telecommunications company from Germany is present is 13 countries in the world: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Monenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, the UK, the US, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  Notice that Germany is missing from the list?  Apparently T-Mobile hasn't been in Germany since 2011 (not sure why) and will also be out of the US, Puerto Rico, and U.S.V.I. as of next year when its purchase by AT&T is complete.

Don't say I never tell you anything.  Just make sure you add "useful." The power of the spot was that I actually just looked all that up, based on a viral video of really big angry birds.  That's clever advertising!

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