George Herman House Garden Day

On Monday the boys and I joined Lindsay, Jen, Sarah (and her boys), Vanessa, Jen, Tori, and Melanie at the George Herman House to do a garden spruce up to make it an enjoyable space for the summer.  Come September, celebrity gardener Frank Ferragine will be doing a completely new and (I have no doubt) amazing plan, but these sunshine-filled days just beg to be spent outdoors!  We got there nice and early and hacked away at some insanely overgrown bushes/trees while Will helped Lindsay pile up the fallen branches.
 The object of our hacking...

So many branches to be cut small enough to fit into garden bags!!

 Snack time for some... :)

 The finished product and the bags ready to be hauled away.  

After all the chopping, hacking and cutting came the building of Ikea furniture (generously donated by Ikea Canada, the moving in of plants, flowers and planter boxes, generously donated by the Home Depot Canada Foundation, and the fluffing of pillows and cushions generously donated by Tonic Living.  The kids came in handy as bench testers, support staff, worm-finders/admirers and entertainment.

This is where my photos end (nap time and all), but here are a few I have "borrowed" from Jen at Rambling Renovators to show the final transformation (and those beautiful Tonic Living cushions).  Not too dusty friends!!
All in all, the day was beautiful, the work rewarding, and the company amazing.  But as I mentioned, this is still just the start of the garden, and help is still encouraged!  Please email Lindsay if you would like to get involved in any way to support this project.  I hope the ladies at George Herman House have a wonderful summer here - I know we had a wonderful time freshening it up!


  1. You are a great team! It looks stunning.

  2. You were stealth taking these photos - I didn't even notice you with the camera :) Your boys were AWESOME that day, so well behaved! And great work on hacking that bush. It was a great day!

  3. Great post and agree with Jen - had no idea you took that photo of us. It turned out great! I'm linking to your post!

  4. Thanks guys, it was a really wonderful day - it went by way too fast! ANd yes, always be on the lookout for me and my camera... we are pretty much inseparable these days. :)

  5. beautiful outdoor structuring. I hope this can be of more excitement if there will be a Wonderful patio near by.


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