Biking Champ

My husband is more than just little bit into mountain biking.  Some might call him obsessed, but then they wouldn't have met his friends (I'm talking about you Francois!).  When out eldest was 2, the hubster insisted we get him one of those Strider bikes so he could 'establish his balance.'  I rolled my eyes, but we got one, and I have to admit that he was totally right (don't get used to that, darling.)  My little guy is a whiz on it, zooming down the sidewalk like a pro.  But he's got nothing on the kid in this video - holy moly (and thank heavens).  His bike is pretty souped-up, with the brake and I do believe suspension, and I am going to go out on a limb and say that his dad might also be a little bit into mountain biking?  Maybe even more than my guy?  I love that it is done just like all the bike videos my husband watches.  Pretty clever.  So, would you let your toddler ride like this?  He sure seems to be having fun...

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