Life in the Barn

Megan at A Life's Design has so many amazing photos on her blog, but these ones stopped me in my tracks, and I had to click through to Cottages & Gardens to find out more (Did you even know such a publication existed? Amazing, there is just so much out there...)  Architect Alex Scott Porter took a 1980's house and turned it into this amazing home that has, as the magazine says, "the rustic beauty of a vintage barn, the rigor of industrial design and the warmth and livability of an unpretentious country home."  Oh and it's also green and eco-conscious!  
I love the combination of styles, modern with a touch of country, antique pitch forks and horse shoes with Scandinavian furniture.  And that Lindsay Adelman light fixture just doesn't get old for me!  Click over to read the article, the construction of the house and thinking behind its features is quite interesting.

photographs by Tim Street-Porter


  1. I would love to convert a barn into a home. Thx for sharing, so fabulous!


  2. Thanks guys, just dreaming of lounging in that tub... :)

  3. They're also obviously lovers of well designed chairs! I don't think there are two the same.


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