Hooray for Online Style at Home!

Oh how this postal strike is hurting me, really and deeply hurting me.  I have not had any design mag fix in AGES, and don't even get me started on Etsy deliveries...  But my withdrawal shakes have simmered down to mere trembles, thanks to the delivery of the latest Style at Home magazine to my email inbox. Phew! And what an issue it is.  I don't know if my perspective is enhanced by my recent deprivation, but I love everything about this issue - the photos, the styling, the stories, the tips, the DIYs - it is all amazing.  Here are some of my favourite images - including the gorgeous photo of HGTV blogger Elana Safronsky below.  Look at that light!  I wonder if they can come and make me look that good?  All the images are like this; perfectly balanced, full of light, and loaded with gorgeous colours and inspiration.  Bravo Style at Home!
So much great eye candy - I can't wait to get my paper copy.  Thanks for the quality content Style at Home.
Image 1: Photography Mike Deluca • Image 2: photography Louis Morningstar • Images 3, 4, 5 & 6: Photography Stacey Brandford, Styling Margot Austin • Image 7: Photography Stacey Van Berkel Haines, Styling Margot Austin • Images 8 & 9: Photography Edward Pond • Image 10: Photography Stacey Van Berkel Haines


  1. I love online mags! I also love the first picture ~ I just bought a couple frames like that and need to invest in a lot more!

  2. Hi

    I also love online house and home mag, but I haven't been able to figure out how to save the pictures from them. If I could I think I would cancel my physical subscription and save a few trees. But I need my cut outs! How did you do it?



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