New look for the sun room

Nothing terribly earth-shattering or exciting to report here, but I did get a new sofa from Craig's List for our sun room.  Although I did love having the two chairs there, the Ikea one (on the left) wasn't so comfy for computer browsing and everyone always fought over the glider on the right.  Plus there are four of us here, plus frequent guests, so once two people were comfortable seated, the rest were relegated to other rooms.  We couldn't afford new, so we turned to Craig's list, where you can usually get close to what you want if you are patient.  I am not very patient and so I got sort-of close to what I would have picked.
I actually don't mind the dark colour although I would have liked a softer grey.  And I wanted a small sectional to maximize space, but those aren't cheap (and aren't on Craig's List).  The cheerful Virginia Johnson pillows I picked up at the sample sale help to brighten up the room and are fun for summer.  About those - I got them in the $5 assorted bin, but the tags said $75.  $75 seems like an awful lot to a penny-pinching gal like me to pay for pillow covers!!  But whatever, I guess I don't have to worry about that. :)
What do you think?  As we get used to it, it seems to very popular for the boys driving their cars. :) And when I look at the fingerprints and crumbs on here, I am glad I didn't pay full price!  It is an Ikea Karlstad, which is a bit surprising to me.  We got one years ago and love it (it is in the basement) and this 'new' version is a real disappointment - the seat cushions are harder, the back cushions cheaper and more easily mis-shapen, and it is smaller and the back and sides are much lower than our old one.  The quality feels a LOT lower, which is too bad, because the old one has held up beautifully - I wish I could have replicated it!


  1. I think it looks great! Those pillow covers are awesome! I can't believe the markdown!

  2. Thanks so much you guys! It seems to be working very well and we are spending a lot of time in here. And yeah Alyson, crazy markdown! I feel pretty happy to have got them so cheap, but also a little confused - who pays $75 for pillow covers??


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