California Architecture Do-Over

Tonight I stumbled across this beautiful home designed by Rob Quigley for the Vivrette family in Laguna Beach.  I immediately loved the openness of the house with entire walls of windows joining the living space with that amazing view, and all the warm wood tones throughout the house.  However, the truly unique part of this story is that the Vivrettes inherited the property from his parents, including a pre-existing home on the site - also designed by Rob Quigley.  It was one of Quigley's very first projects, and although the Vivrette Seniors had enjoyed it and lived there until they were eighty, they found the layout over several floors and levels increasingly challenging as they aged.  When the Vivrette Juniors got the home, they invited Mr. Quigley back to tear down the first house and build another, single-level home.  The architect was delighted to take on this project and "redeem what I call the sins of my youth." The fabulous story can be found in Orange Coast magazine (find the link here), but here are some of the photos from the architect's site.
Photographs by Brighton Noying.  Found via Design Elements Blog.

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