Dream Garden

With this wonderful weather we are having, I just can't get enough time outside in my back yard.  It seems my "Online Admiration Jaunts" are following suit, and I am finding myself drooling over all things garden.  From beautifully-photographed flowers (always an obsession of mine) to perfectly-crafted landscapes, gardens are providing me with enough inspiration to last for days on end!
One of the nicest gardens I have stumbled across is this 1840's Red Mill Farm in Washington.  If I had all the money in the world, all the space in the world, and all the time in world, this is what my garden would look like (although I think I may need to add some gardening talent to that list).  The story behind it is amazing as well - a couple bought it before they realized that they were also purchasing New England's oldest standing flutter mill.  They have since restored it magnificently.  They also dug through years of neglect and invasive growth to reclaim, and expand, the original garden plan.  For the full story and all the photo captions (and just a bit of purple prose) you can visit Cottage & Garden here.  I love the relaxed informal flower beds, the soft greens everywhere (especially the ferns), and the weathered wooden and rock structures.  And that big red mill is so picturesque!


  1. I could live in this place forever and be happy!!! So stunning!

  2. Wow! How do we get there? That's beautiful. Thanks.


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