Music I Like: Aidan Knight

I think I first heard Victoria-native Aidan Knight at an amazing vintage store in Kelowna (Frock - it is so, so good. I never leave empty-handed.) I downloaded his album Versicolour immediately and it is one of my go-to albums.  Mellow and folky, but so original and smart, it is full of those songs that seem to be the perfect soundtrack to whatever you are doing.  Suddenly washing the dishes slows down, the room is lit with flickering sunlight, and you realize that this simple moment is actually epic and life is pretty damn amazing... know what I mean?  His song The Sun does this to me every time.  You can download his songs from his website and see some of his more produced videos, but I wanted to show you these live videos - having listened so much to his album I can't help but love the fresh and sprawling take on his songs.

The Sun

Jasper with Dan Mangan - I have to admit that I feel a little patriotic as I watch them singing in the Rockies with their parkas and toques... :)

Aidan Knight - Giants of the Forest - Episode Five from Amazing Factory Productions Inc. on Vimeo.


  1. You just gave me such a goof gift! I love music. Thanks so much.

    PS: Don't Forget this giveaway ends tomorrow!

  2. Ok I was listening and they are good but when I read that you have a store called Frock, I got excited because in Portland, Oregon(where I grew up) we have one, I am so excited to go back when I visit home in July. Are the stores related?


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!