Big Tinsel Giveaway!

One of the local Toronto-based Etsy artists I wrote about for my West Elm/Etsy Pop-up post was Big Tinsel, and I wanted to do a more complete post on her because I thought her jewelry was wonderful.  Maria is the creative mind behind these lovely necklaces, rings and bracelets, and she explains her process so well in her Etsy profile, that I won't even try to recreate it, here it is:

My aim is to create interesting and fun pieces that are still simple and restrained enough to work in the real world. I love things that are a little bit industrial, a little bit rough and a little bit refined. Most of my work is very small quantities and using vintage and salvaged materials, so know that you are getting something unique. I package my work as simply as possible to minimize shipping costs for you and reduce unnecessary waste.  I wish I was smart enough to be a scientist or an astronomer, so instead, I use them as frequent themes in my jewelry. I also love talismans, and using symbols in new and unexpected ways.

Maria perfectly describes what attracted me to her work - it is industrial-looking in materials and aesthetic, but also every piece is also really "pretty" in a delicate and simple way.  I like the edginess of skulls mixed with lovely stones and delicate chains.  It is a charming and effective mix!  
As well, each piece seems to have a great story behind it - such as the one above that is made of vintage buckle posts stored for years by her dad for his shoe repair shop.  So cool, and the idea of putting them on a mixed-metal chain is perfect.  The one below is called Orbit, and represents the sun, the earth and the moon.  I think it's my favourite.
As the title of the post proclaims so proudly, Maria has been kind enough to offer a necklace to one of my readers.  This is kind of amazing for me, since my only other giveaway was for the charity garden project I am involved in.  All these years, all those etsy posts, and I never thought to ask if the artist wanted to promote their shop by giving something away!  Actually, that is a lie, I did think of it but figured my blog was so small they would laugh, and also wanted to avoid embarrassment when no one commented.  :)  

Maria has generously offered the beautiful Comet necklace, pictured below.  I love that it pretty and understated, but when you know that it's a comet, (which are considered lucky by many)  it is even more charismatic! Plus, you just can't go wrong with brass and black in my books.

To enter the giveaway, please:
  • Become a follower of Wicked & Weird (there is a button off to the left)
  • Visit Big Tinsel on Etsy and and try to pick a favourite
  • Come back here and leave me a comment describing which one you chose and where you would wear it!
  • Extra entry if you tweet about the giveaway - my 'handle' is @LisaMackay.  Come back here and let me know in a separate comment that you did!
That's it!  I will randomly pick a numbered post this weekend and announce the winner Monday.  SO excited.

Please also visit Maria at, on Facebook here, and follow her @misscrowland on Twitter.  She also has another etsy shop that does custom silhouettes (so cool and she has been featured everywhere from Steven & Chris to Martha Stewart weddings!) I could go on and on about that one too, but that will have to wait for another post. :)  Thanks so much Maria!


  1. I like the orbit necklace too. I'm a follower :-)

  2. I'm following your blog :D via google reader. and her pieces are so lovely but if I had to choose, it'd be the abstract necklace. but the point bracelet is not far behind.

  3. I follow you on my google that the same thing. Super hard to pick just one thing off that site. The Knotted necklace might be my favourite. I might have to buy it.

    What have you done to me!?

  4. The SPARK NECKLACE is the best. So unusual.

  5. Ooooh!! There are so many great ones to choose from and such great prices! I have 2 favourites. I think I would pick the exoskeleton and wear it with a black or grey suit at work to funk it up. I also really like the Queen of Hearts and I would wear this on a Saturday to brunch with my friend Lisa, paired with my fave jeans, a tee and a cardi.

  6. Oh and I already tweeting this blog entry and I do follow you :)

  7. I love the comet and abstract! so fab!! i would wear them everywhere - work, out - the perfect accessory! - Emilija

  8. love the orbit and abstract necklaces....lovely1

  9. Well, the comet necklace looks pretty perfect to me but also live the knotted necklace (forget the exact name.) I think they are pretty versatile and would work with any outfit I'm now a follower!


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