Rast Renovation

Having my mother visit is win-win all around.  Not only do I have wonderful company during the day, and Chris and I got to get away on the weekend, and the kids get to see their Nana, but I also have more time to do all those projects that normally languish unfulfilled as the day flies by.  One of these is my rast redo - I got to go to Home Depot to get all my supplies AND actual finish the project!  Amazing.
Here is the finished project - not sure I love how bright the brass knobs are, but otherwise I am pretty pleased.  It actually didn't take that long either.  The photos don't quite show the grey colour (it is "seal" in the Martha Stewart collection) or how dark the stain is.

Here it is in its new home.  I had intended to put it in our bedroom, but as soon as I brought it into the hall from the car the day I bought it, it immediately got filled with all kinds of stuff!  And now that we have all the hats and mits and scarves to deal with, it just made sense.  And it looks great there!  It is nice and narrow, which we really needed, and the stain actually matches our gumwood trim pretty perfectly.  I may even get another to put beside it to make a kind of built-in.  Hooray Rast hacks!


  1. Lisa - you probably already know this but if you change your camera settings to tungsten when shooting inside the colours may be more accurate. Another trick is taking a photo of a grey card before you shoot your subject - you can get a template online. Just make sure to change your colour settings.

  2. Thanks Em - I may try to get you to show me next time I see you! I try to set the white balance for incandescent lighting, but I have never gotten it right...Maybe I should actually read my camera manual... :)

  3. well done! it looks awesome.


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