A Sketchy Marathon

Many of you may know that I have taken up running and am now officially addicted.  I can now average between 8 and 11 km per run (the other night I did 12K for the first time!) and am thinking of maybe, possibly, potentially signing up for a race.  Don't tell anyone...

I would imagine prepping for and running a race would be all-consuming - especially the New York Marathon!  But no, illustrator Christoph Neiman not only ran the damn thing - he LIVE ILLUSTRATED it.  WHAT???  His race was chronicled for the New York Times Magazine, and is wonderful.  The drawings aren't complete without the accompanying captions, so you should go check out the whole thing.  However, here are some of my favourite sketches.

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  1. I wish I could be addicted to running. Right now...all i do is run in my head.


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