Vintage jewellery by luxedeluxe

Wow, it has been a bad week for blog posts - I just haven't been feeling it lately and I have promised myself that I wouldn't make this blog something I feel obligated to do daily.  Mostly I just have not had any time this week to even crack open the laptop - insanity in my world!  What have I been doing you ask?  I haven't a blessed clue - time seems to be simply vanishing without a trace.

Anyway, one thing that caught my eye recently was this Scottish etsy shop mentioned on Cup of Jo.  One of my favourite pieces of jewellery is a vintage diamond [engagement] ring that my husband/father-in-law bought for me (don't ask...) in a tiny antique shop on a side street in Prague.  It is Art Nouveau - Secession to be exact - from Vienna.  It is such a unique shape and design, I feel like there couldn't be another one like it out there, which makes it so very special to me.
That is what I loved about these rings from luxedeluxe - they all seem as if they have their own story and personality.  And what bargains!  It is a fun shop to browse through and imagine all the happiness these rings have brought and still have yet to bring.
Luxedeluxe has some pretty costume and bridal pieces, and how fun would these be for a Christmas party?


  1. What a great Etsy shop! I looked through all of it - it made me want to get married again just so I could have an Art Deco inspired wedding. Some of the hair pieces are stunning!

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