Apartment in Gothenburg

I love this cheerful one-bedroom apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.  It is one of twelve in an historic Art Nouveau building (my favourite, if you remember from the last post!) that was actually built as a home for  retired sea captains and sailors in 1903.  The windows are east-facing and that table would a sunny spot for breakfast.  The all-white backdrop allows for the colourful additions of blue and green to really stand out - along with a nice collection of art, and of M's.  I wonder why the M's?
I also love the mix of open and closed storage in the kitchen all the way up to the ceiling.  Makes what could have been an overwhelming bank of cabinets a point of visual interest, especially since it seems like all packaging in Sweden has been mandated to be colourful and beautiful!
That is the perfect green on those chairs - the exact shade of the plants.  And the pickled floor is gorgeous.
So much light!  But don't they get cold in the winter?  Maybe they add a bigger rug and some cozy blankets... and curtains? ... who knows...
Such a cool way to do an entryway with no closet.  Of course mine would never look so well organized, but maybe it would force me to be more judicious in the coats I keep out!  The black chalkboard paint is a neat contrast to the rest of the apartment.
The building and surroundings look amazing as well.  And it goes for about $550 a month, which is a steal in Toronto (even for such a small space) - I wonder how it figures in Gothenburg?

Found via La Maison d'Anna G - Photos via Stadshem


  1. Love it Lisa! A little cluttered but it works really well.. It's the organized mess that is impossible to achieve...:-) The white probably helps, it brings your eye to all the fabulous colours and art.. Great post...Vie.

  2. Thanks V! Yes, it was styled beautifully - looks like summer outside, but there are winter scarves casually thrown over the rack in the entryway... It really is an art to getting it just right!

  3. amazing apartment - just wonderful


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