Hanging on by their tails

It seems each new season brings a closet overhaul for the whole family, and for the kids that usually means seeing what still fits, and giving lots of things away.  I have gotten better at being able to part with their clothes (after 4 years of practice) but there are always a few special things that I have to hang on to.  Why?  No idea - I just can't bear to send them away.  These mouse slippers that my mother in law brought back from Nepal are definitely among the clothes I treasure.  The boys are nearing the end of the small window when they can both wear theirs at the same time (the white ones are getting a bit snug).  But the cooler weather means they have been getting lots of wear around the house, and I love seeing those little tails zoom by!
 What about you - any baby/kid clothes you just can't bear to part with?  Where do you keep them?

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