This video has made the rounds on Facebook, and I am sure on other blogs, but I think it is just so magical I had to repost it this morning.  I keep picturing it as I listen to other music, it is such an amazing visual.  Here's to a magical day!


  1. Thanks for posting this video - I hadn't seen it before. I've now shown it to everyone in the family and watched it about 5 times. It's absolutely amazing. My daughter and I saw a small murmuration several years ago and we were just fascinated by it, but it was nothing like this one.

  2. Thanks Grace, I agree it is really mesmerizing. I googled murmuration and watched several other videos after seeing this, but they didn't have the same immediacy that one does. Imagine seeing it in person - it must be unreal, like the northern lights...

  3. I loved this video so much I had to do a post about it too - well that and my son challenged me to write a drabble blog post (a drabble being a short story that is exactly 100 words). I"m actually having trouble figuring out how to upload it in the large size like you did. Any tips?


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!