Industrial Chic Mix in Atlanta

This condo in Atlanta owned by designer Jimmy Stanton and his partner Patrick Greco is the perfect mix of industrial, rustic, and sleek.  Who even knew those adjectives belonged together?  Jimmy - that's who.  The palette has all my favourite neutrals: grey, white, and brown (wood and leather).  Although it is a rather masculine space, I think I could add a cushy throw here and there and move right in.
OK, maybe some soft creamy drapes too.  
Love the bookcase, and the shiny new TV on the weathered stand.
Round, weathered, wood-framed mirror... can I have one on every wall?
Jimmy says yes, you can.
GAH, my mirror and my chairs...
Even the sleek shiny kitchen is paired with vintage industrial lamps and a handblown glass wine jar.  This condo is a masterclass in mixing modern and antique elements!
This is possibly my favourite room (although I might prefer a cardboard Bambi over the bed).  The grey is modern, the headboard looks reclaimed.  The BHC blanket could be an antique but is tucked in so neat and square on a floating base.  So good.
Is that an antique bench, covered in animal hide, in the bathroom?  The mind boggles.
What do you think?  Do you like the mix or is it too much?


  1. all i want is this house to love forever

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I'm pinning all these image now in my industrial chic file on Pinterest. This is a great space, albeit a masculine one! One questions though, in Canada we call the blanket with the stripes a Hudson's Bay Point Blanket - what do you mean by BHC? Just wondering as I've never learned that before.
    There's more about the history of this iconic blanket!

  3. Oh dear, thank you Alison, that was a typo - I meant HBC! (As in Hudson's Bay Company). Thanks for the link, although I am also in Canada and we have a couple of blankets in the family (i.e. my folks have them and I hint continuously that they would look great in my house) I had not seen this page before. Must proof a little more carefully methinks! :)

  4. Gorgeous! I love that light fixture... and that coffee table... and that mirror... actually, I really love it all!


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