Me = Runner ?

While at home in New Brunswick I have started learning how to run.  Since I am now a career mum, opportunities for fitness are harder to come by.  When I was working I could hit the yoga studio at lunch, or even go to the gym before kids... but now it is hard to find an hour to do anything, and there isn't that much around our house.  So running seems the perfect solution.

Every time I think of wanting to be able to run, I think of the Nike commercial above.  I remember seeing it on TV and loving it, and when I looked for it on YouTube (everything is on there!) I was surprised to see that it had been taken off the air after all kinds of complaints that it was making light of violence against women.  I find this surprising, as to me the spot is so empowering (and funny!).  The message I took from it was you have to save yourself and be your own hero.  (Being fit and gorgeous is just icing on the cake!)

I have been using the Couch to 10k app on my iPhone and I LOVE it so far.  It seems like a slow ramp up to actual running, but I can feel my legs getting stronger and my running sections getting more comfortable.  I highly recommend it.  It helps that my route along the river is just beautiful, even in the fog and rain.

It also feels good to discover my inner athlete - as an "artistic" kid I always thought sports and physical fitness were for the jock kids, and not something I should be involved in unless I was a sucker for embarrassment.  I hope my boys grow up feeling that they can be athletic AND artistic - at the same time!

What about you?  What are your fitness routines and priorities?  Anyone else feel like there just isn't enough time?

Enough typing - I gotta get my shoes on and hit the road! :)


  1. YEAH YOU!!! So excited you are running. I love it for many reasons including that you can put on shoes and go when you have time - something that's hard for me to find and I don't have 2 active boys.

    I love the goal setting (and ultimately achieving) that I get from running; the energy during a race is brilliant too. You know I love being outside and of course running alongside water is my favourite. I would run 6 days a week if I could find the time, for now it's 3 or 4 times. I work really hard to make it a priority, but it's not always easy.

    Keep it up Lisa and let's go for a run when you are back. The trails along the Humber and waterfront are some of my favourites.

  2. Hey, that sounds like a cool ap. I might have to get that one. I have been trying to make fitness a priority, to do something active everyday. Mostly just by going to the gym but also going for a bike ride when ever possible.

  3. Way to go Lisa !!! I have always wanted to start running as well - you have just motivated me to try again :) Love ya

  4. Hey - I want in on that run along the Humber!! There's nothing better than a scenic route and company. It makes the time fly by.
    Lisa, can I entice you to run the Oasis Zoo Run in September? We'll be there - I'm doing the 10K and Alex is doing the Cub Run (500m and totally adorable). Dan and Chris can hang with the kiddos and be our support team. You get a great running shirt and a finishing medal. I know you can do it. If you can look after two kids all day long, you can do ANYTHING!!!

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