My Dream House/Cottage

Sometimes I run across a house or a room in my blog travels that gets me so excited and I can't wait to put the photos on my blog.  I have tried to figure out what elements cause this reaction, and have identified a few themes that I seem to respond to: wood (furniture, floors, shelves or sculptures), white (furniture, walls, or floors), simple, clean lines (nothing too fussy or ornate), a mix of modern and antique, lots of natural light, and handmade objects or original art.

Take this photo above from the cottage of Amie Weitzman I saw on Design*Sponge.  I love the white walls, the simple but elegant wood bench, the big windows, the iron of the modern lamp and the antique window pulls, and the beautiful art - especially the portrait on the wall.  The rest of the house is as beautiful and combines these same elements in many ways.  You can see the whole tour here, but I will post the photos that originally quickened my pulse - the kitchen!
This last photo is my ultimate fave.  Clean white counter, modern pulls, and those SHELVES.  How amazing they look with those wooden bowls on top...  What do you think?  What elements set your heart a flutter in a room?

Photos by John Gruen, styling by James Leland Day (notice the salt and pepper shakers and Jonathan Adler vase moving around in the full tour!)


  1. Wow! This place is amazing. I would to have this as a home never mind cottage.

  2. I loved that kitchen when I saw it too!

  3. I LOVE IT!!

  4. Such a fresh and captivating property. I'd love to be able to afford something like this, unfortunately the house valuation of my current property means that I can only dream. The owner of this place has great taste, a real touch of class.

  5. A clean house can always make someone feel so vibrant and fresh at home. It's what every person wants to feel, right? I think it's the major reason why you keep on loving the design of that house! The wood furniture gave the house a more natural feeling!

  6. "What elements set your heart a flutter in a room?"

    I tend to visualise a room and what it would look like at Christmas, what I could do with it etc. For example, I want an entrance hall because I'd love to have a real tree with white lights and glass icicles, slap bang in the centre.

    Just what I'd do with an entrance hall for the other eleven months of the year, besides whinge about dusting it, I don't know.

    But I know perfectly well that I can kiss goodbye to an entrance hall or, indeed, any property with "non-essential" rooms. Beyond the basics, you're looking at a crazy house valuation here. Actually, it's pretty crazy for something basic as well.


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