Le Voyage Creatif

Jewelry and photography - you may have noticed that these are among my favourite things.  Etsy shop Le Voyage Creatif, owned by Norwegian designer and stylist Marie Forsberg, combines these two so beautifully it stopped me in my tracks.  While the wooden necklaces she makes would be gorgeous on their own, the way she combines them with her stunning photographs is just magic.
Are they not stunning?  She makes all her jewelry in her studio on an island in a Norwegian fjord (poor girl, someone has to do it, I guess!) In looking through her blog, I discovered that Marie is currently giving away one of her necklaces, you can see more about it here.  And you really should take a look at her blog, she has more incredible photographs such as these:
Amazing.  I am just in awe of people who can take such photographs!


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for checking out my site (I can't get enough of Marie's jewelry!) But love your posts as well, I will definitely be adding you into my daily reading rotation ;) thanks again!

  2. The jewellery is lovely and the photography is stunning - makes me want to get a decent camera and learn some photography skills!


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