Bossy Bear

Well William has not yet entered the bossy stage, but I am thinking that once we introduce a younger sibling... and if he is anything like his MOTHER (that one was channeling Malcolm).... we may need to get this book pretty soon.

It is by the guy behind all the Ugly Dolls - and you can get the book 25% off at Chapters here.

shocking content

Wow - so this might border on being a bit political of me, but the graphic below was so shocking to me I had to share. If it isn't working, you can see it here.


The web is a very dangerous place where I could just move in and set up and never leave! DO you know how many amazing ideas are on there? Through my maze of blogs, I came across this blog: Filth Wizardry, where the mom has all kinds of brilliant crafts and project for and with her 3 and 4 year old daughters. You have to visit the site for the full impact of her genius, but here are a couple of her projects:

She took these out-grown tights and truned them into a hat and baby legs for a friend's new baby. Fantastic.

And she took dollar store tea towels and made them into adorable skirts for her girls!
I love these!

A couple of other genius sites I have yet to peruse fully are Thrifty Craft Mama and Dollar Store Crafts. I love that while I day dream about doing all this fun stuff, others are really doing it!

William is the new Thomas?

Like the world we live in, the characters in the William The Garbage Truck & Crew storybook series include a variety of ethnicities and both genders. And like the people we know, each truck has a very distinct, fun personality too.The trucks each have a different conservation recycling duty.

WILLIAM The leader of The Crew, is a bright green garbage truck who disposes of mixed paper. Honest and good-natured, the other trucks look to WILLIAM to help solve any disagreements or problems.

The Crew:
  • ASHLEY is a shy, sweet lavender female street sweeper truck. She’s reserved but good at her job.
  • Cool and quiet, red-colored truck BLAKE carefully carries toxic household items like poisons, paints, oil, solvents, automotive fluids, cleaners and herbicides to the city dump.
  • Motor oil, tires and car batteries are carried away by CARLOS, a grey garbage truck who is a bit naughty and tends to get in trouble, sometimes without meaning to.
  • DAVID helps William keep the peace when the crew disagrees. Friendly and reliable, this yellow truck recycles refrigerators, heat pumps and air conditioners.
  • FALLON’s spunky energy is contagious. A smaller, pink female garbage truck, she happily delivers used kid’s toys to children that need them.
  • William can always count on his best friend, JAMES the blue truck, to be right at his side. Extremely loyal and helpful, carting away plastic bottles and cans is James’ specialty.
  • Trees that need to be planted are done by NAGEE, a brown garbage truck. Nagee is an all-around good worker, always following directions and doing what he is told.
  • Regular non-recyclable garbage is disposed of by STAN, a grumpy white garbage truck. Stan always gets the job done, but rarely smiles while doing it.
Hilarious!! Check it out and buy the book at


Pretty eco-friendly jewelry from Figs and Ginger:

So true.

From here.

Yara & Lyle's beautiful guest book

I am SO very excited for Yara and Lyle's wedding - in fact I scheduled my second child's BIRTH around it! Yara is the designer who works with us at the TSO and she has made the most beautiful invites... (mental note - must put them on here!). She then found this artist in Portugal who created for her this amazing guest book, made from reclaimed wood and recycled, handmade paper. Through sheer serendipity the font the artist used is amost identical to the font from Yara's invites. What a special and unique keepsake. Pure magic!!

Brilliant Idea!

We are currently cleaning out the basement to get started on the Great Reno of '09. We are stuffing (we being Chris) most things in the garage, but it makes sense to bring the big coffee table back up to the living room as it takes up to much space. I didn't want it there in the beginning because it is sooo big and the corners with the kids... and it eats into their play area... so how happy was I to see THIS on ohdeedoh?

A play mat for the coffee table! It softens all the edges AND is a fun play zone for the kiddies.

Now I just have to figure out how to make it. Hmmm... Diana? You busy? :GRIN:

shower gift

Could be that the colours just make me think spring, and so I picture eating olives outside in the back yard, but I love this set. Wouldn't it make a nice house-warming gift? Or a shower gift? Definitely a gift of some sort.

From esty shop clayswan.

Crazy Cakes!

I was on one of my many blogs - ohdeedoh to be exact - and saw this awesome Hungry Caterpillar cake made out of cupcakes. Isn't it amazing? Complete with the little furry bits on his back?

So I clicked through to see the original website. Turns out it is a Vancouver cake designer and OH MY the amazing things she creates! My only problem would be that they are so gorgeous I wouldn't want to eat them. Which would be good for the Expand-A-Butt I guess...

The Cake designer is Lyndsay Sung and her store is Coco Cake. She also keeps a blog here.
I'm hungry.