Fear Factory

Chris and I went to Niagara yesterday for a last minute night away (we took advantage of a wonderful offer from my Mumma to babysit during her visit - thanks mom!).  I will post some photos of the falls in a bit, but I can't help but resist putting up this shot of Chris in the Fear Factory (yes, by himself, I ain't no fool...).  For Chris, that is actually a crazy reaction shot, but I can't help but be disappointed when I look at the Fear Factory's flickr page.  He could at least have faced the camera, for Pete's sake. :)

I still can't quite figure out what wax museums and haunted houses (there were at least 3 of each there) have to do with those incredible waterfalls and an amazing natural phenomenon?  Niagara Falls is a very strange place...  Anyone else been to "the world's most frightening experience"? (And if so, can you please share your photos???  Pleeeease??)
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Hat Shop

This photo gallery from allforeveryone made me smile.  So fun and colourful!

Party Animal Candles

I found these candles on The Sweetest Occasion too late for Will's birthday, but they are destined to be made in the future FOR SURE.  I love the dinos, but the possibilities are endless!  Perhaps a farm-themed birthday? Bunnies for Easter?  Safari animals for... Tuesday afternoon?  I want to make these immediately!  (Also, how fun are photos of power tools and dollar store toys?)
The squirrel kills me.

Found via.

Petra Börner

The international publishing company Bonnier Pocket is releasing these new covers for some classic novels in Sweden designed by Petra Börner, and I think they would be lovely as posters.  The one for Emma in particular stands out for me (probably because I love that book).  After seeing these covers on La Maison D'Anna G (a blog I highly recommend), I set out to find more about Ms. Börner.  It turns out that this Swedish artist living in London is a Jill-of-all-trades.  She not only does book covers, but packaging, stationary, ceramics, fabric design, drawings and prints.  Her breadth of talent is quite staggering.  Here are some of my favourites among her many works:

To explore more of Petra Börner's work, visit her website here.  Can you imagine being able to work on so many interesting projects?  Or do you think it is too much?


What a cool idea over at A Beautiful Mess for an easy art project.  There are so many "paintings" at Value Village just waiting for a clever saying, and there are plenty of those over on Pinterest!
 For the whole tutorial, head here.  Thanks Deanna for the link!

Change of scenery

I finally framed the print I bought from weiden + kennedy, where the proceeds went to help the relief efforts in Japan after the earthquake. Then I had to figure out where to put it.  It didn't seem to fit anywhere downstairs, so I thought I would try it over the bed.  Can't decide if I like it or not.
Here is what was there for a reference point.  I do love my Fred Ross print, but the proportions didn't work for me.  I think I also was unconsciously referencing the room by Emily Henderson below (I saw it again recently on a blog and thought ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhh.....)  I love this room below, maybe I need a deep blue velvet bedspread...
So the Fred Ross print joined its friends over on the random photo wall and he seems to be fitting in rather well.  And I finally got around to hanging the mom thinger I made eons ago.  It had been sitting on this shelf for ages and I thought it would look better hung.  

So there you have it, earth-shattering changes in my life...can you stand the drama?

Mountain Calendar

It seems MUCH too early to be thinking about 2012 calendars (although maybe it isn't - I have a very tenuous relationship with time and lose track of it very, very easily.  For example, someone told me next week is the last week of October - I find that insane.)  Regardless of timing, these mountain calendars from Toronto-based etsy seller Pam Lostracco are just beautiful, and what an original design. She took the inspiration and forms from her travels in Thailand and Laos, and has the days of the month  navigating the rugged ridges.  It also comes in red and turquoise colour-ways.  Beautiful!

Lost in Deep Dark Africa

I love this online shop Deep Dark Africa, which features beautiful hand-made contemporary African design objects.  It's like Etsy, but just for Africa!  I know that while in South Africa, I found they had such a strong craft and artisan community (although my perspective is suspect since I was immersed in it from the get-go).  Not surprisingly, the flavour of the hand-made objects and art pieces in South Africa so very different from anything I had been used to in Canada, a little edgier and more provocative, even in something as simple as ceramics.  I brought home as much as my bags would allow, but that was over 10 years ago (!!) and my taste has changed so much I feel like I need another trip back!  Or maybe I can save on airfare and just dive in to this great store.  See how online shopping just saved me all kinds of money??*

*PS I am also happy to justify other people's purchases.  Let me know if you need help explaining something, and I will send you at least 5 reasons your purchase made perfect sense.

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