This is me, embracing autumn

I just thought I would post a few photos of my mantle.  I am clearly turning over a new (dead and crispy) leaf and Embracing Autumn.  Just look at that harvest-filled scene.  Sure, the grass is from my front yard, the big pumpkin was picked up when my son's class went on a field trip to Downy's, and my neighbour brought over the gourds.  I still really got into the spirit, wouldn't you say?  Who's a downer now??

Ikea ideas for DIY

Sorry about the blurry iPhone shots, but I was at Ikea yesterday (my kids DEMANDED to go to the "Ikea play centre", and I couldn't understand why until I realized they just wanted to go to the kids section and play) and I thought that some of the things they had up in the kids rooms were pretty cool ideas!  I especially like the idea of mounting toys in frames on a colourful background - so cute and inexpensive.  The idea of using fabric in a collage project is pretty cool too.  Any DIYs you have done in a kids room that were outside the box?

A confession...

OK, I am going to come right out and say it: I don't like fall.  Or even autumn.  Yes, I know, the colours are incredible, the air is crisp, yada yada yada.  The thing is, I really like summer.  The windows open, the sound of cicadas, the feel of grass under bare feet, simple loose clothes - this is my happy place.  The fall means the end of all that, and worse, the onset of winter (cue gloomy music). Everything is dying.  There is the smell of decay in the air.  And I really don't like the colour burgundy.  Or MUMS AND CABBAGE PLANTERS.

PHEW.  I feel better getting that off my chest - liberated even.

However, I have been told that this opinion is a 'downer' (perhaps it was the reference to death and decay...) and I have obligingly tried to find the magic in the season.  I even took pictures - see?  A lovely walk in the ravine, a trip to Downy's Farm with Cam's school, playing with baby snakes... all good autumnal times.  Let's call it my Instagram Ode to Autumn.
 (Cam seems determined to put up with it all as well in that last photo.  And the other one?  Must be his father's genes.)
I do love a visit with Baba, winter, spring, summer or fall.  And family photos of all four of us are so rare I am happy with that one too.  And, um,  yellow is really pretty... sort of like the sunshine on a warm summer's day... 

I really am doing my best here people.

Interiors Wishlist Challenge

Pella on Stil Inspiration declared an irresistible challenge: to identify the top five items you would pick for your home given unlimited cash.  It was actually more difficult than you would imagine.  Aside from the wishbone chair and Lindsay Adelman fixture, which I have coveted for eons, there was nothing specific I have been longing for.  However, virtual shopping is the pinnacle of my skill set (with actual shopping coming a close second), so I prevailed.  And voila, my list:

  • Hans Wegner wishbone chair in light oak (link)
  • Lindsay Adelman brass and orb light (my name) (here)
  • Elte Cara sofa (here)
  • American Modern walnut dresser - I am loving walnut at the moment (here)
  • Sumptuous Hai Jalili vegetable-dyed rug - which I now covet (here)
Hmmm, can you tell I am feeling fall?  So what's on your list?  If you post about it, be sure to leave the link in the comments!

Will's Fireman Birthday Party


Hi guys, remember me?  I haven't been around here for a while - life got kind of overwhelming (in a good way) and I have been so busy I felt as though I was incoherent by the end of the day.  Because I was.

We had an amazing visit with my mother-in-law from Alberta, and while she was hanging out with the boys I even managed to get a bit of work in.  I also had to clean, primp, and style every inch of my home for a little something coming up that I am ri-DONC-ulously excited for but can't tell you about yet.  Exhausting.  And I threw a little bash for my 5-year-old (still practicing that phrase) who had requested a fireman theme.

The above photo is of the front screen door, which is why it looks a little funny.  In fact, in one of those hilarious ironies, I spent forever creating the table, food, and decor and then managed to snap just a handful of terrible photos before chaos descended.  I almost considered not even posting about the party because the photos were so bad, but that seemed like a waste, so you'll just have to suffer through them.


Would you or wouldn't you: Rattan

I may or may not have blogged about this site before, my apologies if I have!  However, driving down Dupont today I noticed a big sign on an antique store advertising a content reduction sale on  It is a great online auction site of local stuff - a fabulous mix of eBay and your local auction house.  Sadly this sale has since closed, but in perusing the current auctions, I found this set of rattan chairs - 4 of them - for a current bid of...$11.  Sure, it will go up before they are sold, but...just to contemplate that gives me the auction tingles.  How amazing would these look sprayed and cushioned? Like, say, these:

I would love to have your vote!

Hi guys. So I made this list - top 100 Canadian Mom Blogs.

I am currently #64.

In a couple of days they pick the top 25 and then something magical happens for those 25 blogs. Or something like that... Anyway, I am a bit late in pleading for your votes - you can vote every 24 hours by the way - but maybe if you ALL went over and voted I could make it past 50? Cause that's my dream. You guys are the best. Thanks. xo

Cam's room gets a big boy update

bright cheerful baby room

Above is a photo of my son Cameron's room a couple of years ago when we was a wee babe (cue wistful music.) Somehow, it seems he turned THREE this summer, and while he has grown in both height and personality, his room has not changed.  Well, that's not true, it got WAY messier than this (as did he).

I had great plans for a whole new look for his room, but as I started plotting and gathering, my elder son got wind of it and insisted that HE wanted the new look.  I debated a bit, since I don't want Cam to feel that he is always getting hand-me-downs and nothing new (even though that is the absolute truth) but at this point, he really doesn't care what's in his room, and Will does.  Plus, I haven't touched Will's room in as many years, so I decided why not.

bright colorful toddler room

As a result, this weekend I moved many of Will's items into Cam's room, and took out all the baby stuff. Note to new parents: don't go too crazy buying all those cute baby items, because it won't be long until you are putting them in the Goodwill/Give-to-friends bag and shedding a tear over a) the insane adorableness of it and how quickly time passes, and b) the insane amount you spent on it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful grateful gratitude
 I have so much to be grateful for, one day isn't going to be enough...  Thank you all for reading.  xox

Italian Inventions by Emily Isles

I am always intrigued by the places people find their inspiration.  I saw these lovely posters of Italian Inventions by Scottish artist and illustrator Emily Isles and couldn't help but wonder how she came to draw them.  Apparently she practiced graphic design in both Australia and Italy, and has a passion for all things Italian.  Go figure!  They are available for purchase here, and I think they would look nice framed simply in a study, family room, or even in a playroom.  I so envy people who are able to design and illustrate - instead of searching for that perfect image, you just create it!

Dining room photo wall done!

As I am sure you recall, one of the projects on my list back in September (can you even believe it's October??) was the dining room wall.  As much as I loved having the colourful chaos of the kids' artwork, I really wanted something cleaner and more relaxing to look at.

While home in New Brunswick, I took a few photos out my bedroom window looking down the river, and had an idea for a small series.  I ended up taking a photo every day of the same view, at different times of day and in different weather.  Out of a ton of photos, I eventually chose the following six:

My take on simple vintage wedding decor

I haven't been able to do much blogging lately - the past couple of weekends have been wedding madness.  Two of the most special people in my life - Karen and my brother Malcolm - got married this month (to two other people) and my heart is just busting with happiness for them.  Honestly, I feel all giddy when I think about these two happily married couples - they renew my faith in love.  *SOB*

I was lucky enough to have been asked by Karen to help with the decor for her big day, and I thought I would share because this idea could work beautifully for a wedding you might be working on!

I spent the summer thrifting for candlesticks and chalices with a nice patina (it was a rough for me, as you can imagine...).  I was looking for a mix of heights, styles, and metals.  This collection comes from estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, and of course, Value Village and Goodwill.  They ranged in price from $0.50 to $8, so it makes for an affordable and unique option.  Plus, everyone has their own collection, and you could borrow from friends and family if you needed to fill a lot of tables.