My Wedding Invite

With all the wedding talk Yara and I have been doing, I felt like going back and looking at the invites I made for our wedding.  I spent forever at the Japanese Paper Place choosing just the right papers and ribbons.  I must have spent months online looking for ideas and finding the perfect font. Kendra helped me glue them all together. I loved them!  And 6 years later I still like them.

The finished product

All the contents and the programme

One of the cheesy quotes from my programme.  

I also put together the whole ceremony since we didn't want it to be religious and I wanted some references to it being by the ocean. I loved my wedding and planning it was so much fun - with lots and lots of help from Mumma.


This one is for Karen, who gave me a whole big beautiful bunch of origami cranes for Will's baby shower.  I have been meaning to display them, and found this great idea on this blog.  A Lampshade!  OK - maybe I will not put a light bulb in, but still they look cool in a clump - like a pinata.  Actually, the other thing I thought of last week was to find a nice branch, spray paint it some fun colour, mount it on the wall so it seems to be growing out of it, and hang them all from the branch.  I may try that.

These great lamps are from Tas-Ka.  They also come in white and black.

Also for Karen, is this super cool website, Origami Club.  They have a million origami designs for some crazy cute stuff, like the whale below.
Or how about a grasshopper?
Or a chicken? 
I would love to make these but will never find the time, so it is all on you Karen.

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

This is another one for Yara - although they could be fun for anyone! Goose Grease on etsy makes custom wedding toppers, although you can get a do-it-yourself kit. I love them and what a cute keepsake. We didn't have wedding toppers. But had I known THESE existed I might have had toppers. I found this here.

I really love their politically-correct toppers

Especially this one.

Here is the kit - I think it would be fun to do and maybe be a great gift to a nice family! :)

Colour me Katie

I have found a new favourite blog - this happens every few days. :) It is called Colour me Katie by Katie Sokolov, a freelance photographer - She seems like such a fun gal, full of life and happiness. For her most recent post, she brought cut out eyes with her around the city and took photos. SO much fun.

This makes me think of Beaker from the Muppets.

This was part of her Christmas post. hilarious.
If you are ever feeling blue, check out her blog. If you are feeling irritated by happy up-beat people, give it a miss.


I bought a cute little case on etsy for my blackberry and was amazed at what you could do with felt that had never occurred to me! So I searched 'felt' on the etsy site and got over 2,000 pages of things - some of which I thought I would show here. Someday when I have more time I will make beautiful things out of felt. Until then I will look at them online. :)
My blackberry case, or one similar, from Honda Mom.
A felt light - who would have thought? From here.

Adorable felt lion, from here.

GORGEOUS lap top cover, from here.

Not my style, but what an incredibly elaborate pin cushion! From here.

DIY Bike Lane

How awesome is this? I found this here, and I know I for one would love to have one, and can think of several others who would love this idea! (Martin Reis??) :)

Wedding Stuff

I just had a great meeting with Yara -our fabulous graphic designer - and she is gettign ready for a wedding this summer. She told me to kee my eyes peeled for fun wedding stuff - so Yara, this one's for you!

Of the many blogs I am obsessed with, one of the best is called A Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. She also posts on Glamour's relationship blog Smitten. She is getting married soon so lots of her posts are about weddings! She just got her engagement photos taken and I LOVE them. I think she has more on both sites.

On the Smitten site she also shows a couple of ideas from another couple - the first is a Save the Date card they made by adding to one of their engagement photos. They were actually lying on the grass for the photo!

PS - I never did engagement photos. I didn't realize they were a 'thing' one did. Now I wish I had known there was a photo opportunity to be exploited! Maybe we can get some "Made it 6 years" photos done this summer....

Super-fun wedding sign.

Uncle Chas

My "Uncle" (actually Dad's second cousin) Chas has always had this awesome collection of sculptures around his house, his garden, his farm, etc. I have long coveted them! There is now an exhibit of them in Saint John at the Arts Centre - the first time he has exhibited them formally. If you are in Saint John, go see them! And also, see if he will send me one.

I have not seen any of these ones before - this one is my FAV. It is Elsie Wayne, the former Mayor of Saint John, and at one point 50% of the PC seats in the House. :)

I lovethe clarinet dude in the back...

There is also an article in the local newspaper about this - written by my cousin (actually my second cousin) Katie! I swear we are not all related at home... Check it out:

Obama Art

Quite a day today - we went to the CBC building from work to watch the inauguration in their atrium on the big TVs.  There was quite a crowd there, who applauded and cheered along with the crowd in Washington.  What an inspiring speech - it brought to mind for me all those powerful monuments in Washington that speak so eloquently to the human ideals upon which the US was founded.

So much of his campaign was of course street art, as exemplified by the TIME Person of the Year cover.  There is an awesome site - Art of Obama - that showcases a dazzling array of Obama art.  Here are just a few examples.

(That one is for Dad's Republican buddy down south...)

This one is for Chris and Yara - my sk8ter heroes

Mmmmmmm.......Obama latte.........

This one is for Kate

Silver Obsession

I have always had a jewellery obsession - I love almost ALL kinds of jewellery - but there is something about silver jewellery that always catches my attention.  It is just so crisp and clean.
This stuff is of course on esty - by Kira Ferrer - but there is lots of beautiful stuff on there.  (Hint, Chris, HINT.)

Perfect for Valentine's Day - wouldn't you say?

Hummingbirds always make me think of Grandad.

These make me think of Aunt Daphne - they are called lotus.

And could anyone, I ask you, resist sea anemone stacking rings?  I didn't think so.

Thomas Paul

I absolutely love these plates by Thomas Paul - he has lots of lovely designs, but of course the Sea Life collection just 'spoke' to me!  They are also gorgeous on pillows, and the little clutch was pretty cute too.  The plates may cause me to cross the Blog-Not-Buy line - I know - already!!

Book Plates

I saw these on esty (of course) and thought they were so beautiful.  Not only do I want them for William, but want to give them at every baby shower from now on!  They remind me of all the old English children's books we used to have when I was little, with their gorgeous illustrations.  Visit the esty shop of Oiseaux to see all the designs and order a few for yourself!