Lotus Hat

It is official - I am obsessed.  I love knitting.  My latest is this hat, which makes me super happy.  I love the colour and the pattern.  Speaking of which, the free pattern is found here.

Silky Cowl

I finished my latest project - this soft lacy cowl.  I got the pattern and the yarn from the Knit Cafe on Queen, and my only issue is that using the whole ball of wool didn't result in a long enough cowl, in my opinion.  The yarn is a wool/silk blend that is sooo soft, but because it isn't very long, the cowl feels kind of wimpy to me.  But whatever.  My first lace pattern turned out OK!
I think that spot of yellow is dried up play-doh in case you were wondering. :)  My life is so glamourous.

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Chris and I were talking the other day about how easily it is to take people and things for granted, no matter how hard you try not to.  I saw this clip today and it had me laughing so hard and agreeing completely.  So I thought I would share!  I hope you like. :)

UPDATE: I guess NBC took it down - but here is a link to another one - it is really worth watching!

Butterfly-themed Wedding

I don't know about you, but the idea of a butterfly-themed wedding would not be on the top of my list, were I to do it all again.  Or so I thought until I saw this incredible bouquet on fffound today.  I followed the source to, of course, marthastewartweddings.com.  As you would imagine from a Martha-sanctioned wedding, the result was pretty spectacular.  The above bouquet is still my favourite image but here are a couple more that I thought were amazing.
Both the geraniums (and the bag) and the pressed butterflies, leaves and flowers above were gifts for the guests.  Um, sorry about the ROCKS guys at my wedding... :)

Although actually I love the rocks we painted.  And I heard from my Dad's cousin Sally that my great-uncle Dick keeps his on his dresser.  This made my day. :)

Built by Wendy

Ho-LEEEEEE I like these clothes!!  I have always liked Built by Wendy clothes, but this new collection is GORGEOUS.  It makes me soo excited for summer.   I also love the styling of these - the model is so pretty and I love her hair and shoes...

To see more of Wendy's clothes, or to buy a pattern (if you buy one I want to know so I can get you to make me one!!), or one of her sewing books, go to builtbywendy.com.  Because soon summer will be here!

tshirt yarn necklace

Chris had a bunch of tshirts to give away, so I thought I would try to make one of those fun necklaces I always see on Etsy.  Making the yarn was SO easy.  I just followed this tutorial and it took maybe 5 minutes.  The result isn't too fancy, as you can see, but it does provide nice handles for Cam.

But I warn you, it is addictive.  I was at Value Village the other day and saw this nice purple T shirt (for some college dorm or something) so I picked it up and made another.
(Same shirt - different day!) This one had no seams up the sides and so it made one long tube, which I really liked.  I also like the colour!  And it is nice and snuggly.  However, the ones on Etsy are much more polished-looking, or at least they take better photos.  Here are a few:
from Minuit12

from tiemee

my favourite, from foulardthreads (check this shop, I LOVE it!)

Looking at these, maybe I will find a slightly lighter purple and wind it in to make it a little more substantial.  Or maybe I should just wind it a little more artfully.  Who knows?  I tell ya, these are fun.  Guess what everyone is getting this Christmas?? :)


I saw this lovely mobile on Swiss Miss and went on to investigate the source, Veer.  They have a pretty awesome site, with fonts and images and some other merchandise, like
These cool coasters (which remind me of the bookhou alphabet)
And this awesome lap pad for laptops - much more beautiful than the one I have from Ikea! :)

DIY Mercury Glass

Remodelista blog just posted about these gorgeous lights by Rogan Objects in mercury glass.  I have always loved the look of mercury glass, and saw a lot of it this Christmas.
These vases are at Pottery Barn,
this light is at Crate and Barrel,

and this one can be yours for $219 USD at Macy's.

But on Apartment Therapy this week (yeah, I know, holy links!) they showed a Martha Stewart (last one) DIY version to make your own.  

I don't know about you, but I have a whole bunch of extra flower store vases kicking around - maybe I will give it a shot and put a candle in?

Lonny Mag

I came a little late to the Domino thing, and only ended up with a few issues before the dramatic folding of the magazine.  I did love the eclectic aesthetic, where they joyfully mixed Ikea, vintage and lots of bold colours and one-of-a-kind accessories.  Well, some of the editors of Domino have launched an online magazine - Lonny.  I still prefer a real, tactile, tear-out-pages magazine over an online version BUT this one does boast followable (?) links to anything you see on the page.  For example, one story has a lovely jewelry armoire bought on ebay, and if you click on it you go to a current search on ebay for jewelry armoires!  So cool.  I also picked up some great new blogs for my reader (like I need more!!) Anyway, this is probably illegal or something, but here are some screenshots (my version of tearing out pages) I liked from this issue:
I am thinking graphic B&W wallpaper like this might be cool in our old tiled bathroom upstairs...

Let there be light!

Through my blog travels today, I somehow stumbled upon the site Light Locations which is just an amazing journey through some of the most beautiful, and yes light-filled, homes in Britain and abroad.  It is "a photographic location agency providing beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations to the film/TV and photographic industry"  Yeah - I would say they are inspiring!  Excuse me while I go paint all my floors and walls white.  Aunt Daphne - perhaps you should submit your place?

Oh sigh....I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do...get yourself to the site for more!