Boy Crafts: A Parking Garage


When I stumbled across this great parking garage craft on Spoonful, I got ridiculously excited.  Seriously - a craft my guys would love to make, love to play with, and that would use up some of my out-of-control stash of toilet paper rolls.  Major score.

The full instructions are on Spoonful, and I won't bore you with the details (not surprisingly their garage also looks way more profesh).  It is a pretty simple craft - cover toilet paper rolls with coloured paper, cut one side off a cereal box, draw on parking spots, glue rolls between the two sides of the cereal box, and add ramps.  It was a short enough activity that Cam and I could do it while Will was at school, which meant that Cam could actually get to participate in all the making (Will is a little... um... enthusiastic when we all do stuff together).  I have to say, he is a pretty fun co-crafter.

I'm Still Kickin' !

I know, I definitely have lost my blogging mojo lately, but I have good reasons... honest.

1) As the clock ticks down on to these two crazy cats both starting full time school in the fall, I am more grateful than ever to be able to be home with them right now.  I realized that I was often getting sidetracked by the internet (ahem, and blogging) instead of being fully present with the kiddos - I would  be playing with them but thinking of what I wanted to do online, or be online, thinking that I should really be hanging with the boys.  Talk about a recipe for stress - it was a no-win situation.  So I had a heart-to-heart with the mirror and realized that I needed to treat this stay-at-home gig like a real job (I even wrote myself a job description... super crazy but it worked!).  I now spend my days completely focussed on what I am doing at home - in fact there have been many days when I didn't even turn on the computer until 8:00 pm when they were finally in bed (I do check emails from time to time on my phone, I am only human).  The result is that I am less stressed, getting more out of life, the boys' behaviour is better and they are happier, and my blog is empty.

Bright Bobbie Burgers Colour

It has been a while since I have done a proper blog post.  You know how you miss a day or two at the gym or skip a few runs, and it isn't so hard to get back on track?  But when you miss a week, suddenly you feel guilty for not going, but don't go.  Then it's another week and you aren't sure how to ease back into it without hurting your knees, so you don't go. Then people start to say things like "remember when you used to run?"  Yeah that's how blog posting has gone for me lately (and the running thing may or may not be personal experience...).  But here I am, ready to get back at it.  Perhaps it was this gorgeous room in the weekend's Globe and Mail of Bobbie Burgers's living room that did it.  I love it SO much, especially that incredible painting.