falling leaves

Lately I have been loving delicate, simple jewelry with leaves or twigs. There are lots of options out there, but the simpler they are, the more I like them. (There is also lots of truly ugly stuff on etsy!)

This one is on Etsy, by designer Sarah Hood - SarahHoodJewelry.etsy.com

This one is also Etsy - Ingrid Montoya, and she has a lot of really lovely things.

I can't remember where I found this one, I think also on Etsy - my apologies to the designer!

The following are all from a site called nimli.com, which is a "natural, organic and green lifestyle" site.

I especially love these cuffs...

Wooden Lobster Pull-Toy

Extravagant? Yes - they are $44.
Practical? Um, no.
Do I want one? HELLZ yeah.

No self-respecting East Coast mum should be without! Find them at What Every Baby Needs (I really hope that name is tongue-in-cheek!)

Wrought Iron Bed

For some reason I really love a classic wrought iron bed. Streamlined, antique, basic, but so romantic and fresh.

I think this style is my fav. No bells and whistles.

Oh please may I have this one? With the gorgeous throw as well? Sigh.