Moon Games

Astrologically-obsessed photographer Laurent Lavender and his graphic-artist companion Sabine Sannier have taken the most amazing photographs of silhouettes and the moon; playful, inventive photos taken on the beach in Bretagne.  In 2010, they self-published what looks like a gorgeous book called Quartier libre. The photos would have made a lovely book by themselves, but instead, the couple sent a selection of the photos to several authors of varying disciplines - poets, bloggers, photographers, astronomers, journalists, and scientists.  These contributors chose a photo and sent back some to accompany it, and Sabine pulled it all together in a truly unique book.  I have seen their photos floating around the web a few times and thought they were a cool idea, but tonight when I looked at them they felt kind of magical.  So in case you happen to be in the same mystical mood as I, here are a few to admire.

You can see all of Laurent Lavender's beautiful photos here.  Found via Digital Photography School.

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Bathroom - prepare thyself for beauty!

There it is, our lovely designer bathroom.  Yeah, right.  You know, when we first bought this house I was so excited because this bathroom was so much bigger than our last house - now I realize that one foot wider does not an enormous difference make. :)  The bathroom is last on our list for renovations, and we certainly don't have the cash to do it now.  So I am fancying a 'facelift.' After a bottle of wine and some sweet-talkin', I got the hubser on board.
The one thing we have done is to put up a shower curtain, there was nothing there when we moved in. Finding a curtain rod that could cover the side and the end of the tub was no small feat, and in the end we had to custom order one.  What the photos here don't show is that it is all the original white tile with a black and white border at the top inside - you can see the black tile around the bottom of the tub.  The floor is nasty linoleum tile - stained and yellowing.  The sink and bath are both original, and the sink is a pain the the patootie because it has separate hot and cold taps (and the hot tap leaks so we actually have to use a shut-off valve underneath if we every want to turn it on).  The toilet is also constantly running for some reason, and I shudder to think of the wasted water.  We got the shelf for above the toilet on sale somewhere and it wobbles, and the doors don't close because they are missing the magnets.  Let's see what else... oh who cares.  On to the pretty stuff.
I had lots of fun on Olioboard the other night, imagining a billion options.  First of all, rather than pulling up the floor and opening a can of worms, I am just going to paint it out black.  When we are able to do a real reno we can put in pretty tile, but for now I just want to cover up the ugly.  For the walls, I thought grey, because I always think grey.  I love grey.

The rest of the palette came from the shower curtain, which I thought was really nice (and not too expensive).  That, and I also just bought blue/grey towels.  The fabrics included are possibilities for a roman blind for the window (that I am hoping to make).  And I want to fill that wall beside the window with some nice inexpensive prints and drawings to add some life to the room.

The light has to be spot lights like this because the ceiling light is the only light in the room.  Someday... pot lights and sconces.  For now... this contraption.

I crawled under the sink yesterday (gross) and measured the opening in the middle where the sink stopper was attached.  It looks to be standard width (1 1/4'') and the two taps are 12'' apart so I am going to try to find a nice wideset faucet for the existing sink.

Anyway, details - shmetails.  What do you think of the board?  Too dark?  Not enough colour?  Pure perfection?  I would love to know your thoughts!

Amazing California home from Aidlin Darling Design

I am fascinated by Californian architecture.  Not that there isn't amazing architecture all over the world, but in California it is so concentrated; the amazing climate and outstanding scenery hold possibilities that draw oodles of creative, talented architects, and there is an abundance of people with pots upon pots of money to spend on vanity projects (like a residence).  The result is design-lover heaven!  Of course there are many, many styles of architecture to be found in California, but my personal obsession are the projects that mix inventive design with existing natural beauty in unconventional and inspiring ways.  Also, I love that although not all of them are eco-conscious/green designs, a large percentage of them incorporate elements like solar heating and energy, rain-water runoff cisterns, and living roofs.  This one, designed by Aidlin Darling Design, is built around a "rammed-earth" wall built of native earth.  From their website:
Placed between a forested mountain and rolling vineyard, a rammed-earth wall demarcates the primary spaces of this single-story house. Built of native earth and woven among existing trees, this monolithic wall anchors the building structurally, ecologically, and experientially. Floor-to-ceiling glass completes the building envelope and captures panoramic valley views. The glass and earth walls work together to orchestrate indoor-outdoor living and to provide passive heating and cooling.

Photos by John Sutton, JD Peterson | Design by Aidlin Darling Design 
Landscape Design by Marta Fry Landscape Architects 
General Contractor: Cello & Maudru Construction

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Giveaway from Junghwa!

I am so excited for this amazing giveaway!  I blogged about my love for Junghwa's owner/designer Amy Stewart not even a month ago, and Amy kindly offered up this gorgeous pendant to one of my lucky readers.  It is everything I earlier admired about her designs: pretty, feminine, subtle, and perfect for anytime you need to add a little quiet sparkle to your day.  (Yes, I wish I could win!)

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Photo School O to U

O is for Orchid
O is for Orchid
Wow, this photo-a-day thing is intense.  I spend forever setting up, forever taking photos and adjusting settings, and forever in photoshop making it just right.  I think my husband is going to be very happy when it is over.  That being said, I cannot believe how much I have learned this time around.  Practice makes perfect, and while I am far from perfect, I am certainly getting in lots of practice - on my camera and in photoshop - which is invaluable.  I realize my photos have no distinctive theme or look, but that is because I am experimenting so much with each one.  I have my favourites - when I get to the end I would love to know if you do too!  Here is my latest instalment:
p is for paperbacks
P is for Paperbacks
Q is for Q
Q is for Q
r is for running shoes
R is for Running
s is for sand dollar
S is for Sand Dollars
t is for tulips 2
T is for Tulip
u is for upstairs
U is for Upstairs

Marni for H&M - yes please!

I have always been a Marni fan - from afar of course.  My budget is a little more joe-fresh-gap-on-sale than straight-from-the-runway.  But the colours and patterns and cuts are so bright and fun, I always sigh a little sigh when I see their latest collection.  I did a dance of joy when I saw that they are the latest designer line to collaborate with H&M.  Now, I was at a store for the Comme Des Garcons collaboration launch and barely lived to tell about it, so I am not sure if I am brave enough to fight the crowds...(oh who am I trying to kid). I do worry though that some of these beautiful tribal patterns will look cheap and feel cheap in person. But they look lovely on-line!  I love the dresses and the bracelets.  There is nothing in the collection priced over $149 (most of the dresses are $99).  It will be in stores starting March 8 - I know my calendar is marked!

I also kind of love the shoes and the wacky leggings, although I ponder their practicality with my current wardrobe... I REEEEEEEALLY love that top dress, and the green African print...and those bracelets... this could get expensive!

All photos via Fashionologie from the Marni for H&M Look Book and official advertising campaign.